Knight's Gate Hanoverians
  • (905) 397-5268
  • 2276 Port Robinson Rd., Welland, Ontario, Canada

Since 1997, Knight's Gate Hanoverians has earned a reputation for breeding champions.


Equine Health Document

The completion and submission of document prior to your horse's arrival is mandatory if you are planning to bring a horse to Knight's Gate Hanoverians for any reason (clinic, breeding, other). Printer-friendly. 

N.B. *Please print this document out a few weeks prior to your arrival so that you can review the vaccination schedule required. Your vet will need to sign this document. No required vaccination shall be younger than 2 weeks of age.

Stallion Breeding Contract

Use this link if you are planning to breed your mare to Vive Victory. Printer-friendly.

2015 Show Dates for Vive Victory. *Broodmare Owners: N.B. these are the dates that fresh semen will not be available; however, we always have a stock of frozen semen.

Mare Passport (required for breeding mares) Printer-friendly.