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March signals spring! (we hope!)

Posted Mar 3rd, 2015

It's March! Where are the happy little songbirds, the melting snowdrifts and the milder temperatures? It's anyone's guess! I am actually a good Canadian, I like winter - but this winter has even me at the scale's tipping point! Perchance the number of days of "extreme cold" temperatures (I believe it is in the neighbourhood of 32 days - and counting) has me now "chomping at the bit" for the mild tempereratures. We are, of course, only just into March!

Ahhh, March, the mere sound of it's name somehow lifts a person's spirits, creates a general feeling of optimism with anticipation of spring in sight! March signals a turn of the tide, as human and horses bodies alike enjoy longer days with more powerful sunlight putting away our winter (sun-starved) blahs - a most welcome change of pace as it ushers in spring.

From a horse breeder's perspective, spring is both a busy and blissful time to enjoy getting back into the swing of things, spending - and actually enjoying - greater amounts of time with our beloved horses (as opposed to the idea of "lets get this horse feeding done and get the heck back inside the warm house asap!") Spring is the cusp of all dreams that we dare to dream, wonderful anticipations and good things that lay in the warm days ahead! Spring means that warmer weather will soon be upon us and warm weather means foals! There is no equal feeling to the experience of spending time with a precious new arrival, of your favourite species.   :)