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Since 1997, Knight's Gate Hanoverians has earned a reputation for breeding champions.


KGH clinic venue for Olympic judge and coach, Cara Whitham

Posted Mar 2nd, 2016


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Preparing for the show season!

Posted Apr 22nd, 2015

Ah, spring! It has finally sprung!  Spring brings great enthusiasm for our sport, and such anticipation. We are full-steam ahead gearing-up for another show season. We are also very antcipative of foaling season! Without doubt, spring is the most exciting time of year! 

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March signals spring! (we hope!)

Posted Mar 3rd, 2015

It's March! Where are the happy little songbirds, the melting snowdrifts and the milder temperatures? It's anyone's guess! I am actually a good Canadian, I like winter - but this winter has even me at the scale's tipping point! Perchance the number of days of "extreme cold" temperatures (I believe it is in the neighbourhood of 32 days - and counting) has me now "chomping at the bit" for the mild tempereratures. We are, of course, only just into March!

Ahhh, March, the mere sound of it's name somehow lifts a person's spirits, creates a general feeling of optimism with anticipation of spring in sight! March signals a turn of the tide, as human and horses bodies alike enjoy longer days with more powerful sunlight putting away our winter (sun-starved) blahs - a most welcome change of pace as it ushers in spring.

From a horse breeder's perspective, spring is both a busy and blissful time to enjoy getting back into the swing of things, spending - and actually enjoying - greater amounts of time with our beloved horses (as opposed to the idea of "lets get this horse feeding done and get the heck back inside the warm house asap!") Spring is the cusp of all dreams that we dare to dream, wonderful anticipations and good things that lay in the warm days ahead! Spring means that warmer weather will soon be upon us and warm weather means foals! There is no equal feeling to the experience of spending time with a precious new arrival, of your favourite species.   :)

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Spring is coming!

Posted Feb 5th, 2015

It's hard to believe it's already February. The snow is still flying while most of we horse people dig out our driveways, deal with cracked water pipes and the many other treasures winter has to offer. Happily, spring is right around the corner which means so is breeding and foaling season. We are looking forward to a new crop of foals again this year, especially those by our own stallion, Vive Victory. 

Vive Victory and rider, Lena Helmts are cross-training. Vive and Lena competed very successfully in the dressage ring last season, winning the Dressage Niagara Year End championship. This season, the pair will be competing in the jumper ring. Vive and Lena have been in full jumper training in Troy, Ontario since September. We are very excited about the upcoming season! 

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Helmts wins Year-End Championships riding Knight's Gate Hanoverians' horses

Posted Nov 3rd, 2014

Vive Victory KG               Wanderlust KG


The evening of October 26th was pretty special for Knight's Gate Hanoverians' rider, Lena Helmts. Dressage Niagara held it's 2014 Awards Banquet, which was well-attended.

The Awards Ceremony took place at The Urban Restaurant in Fonthill. On entering the dining hall, one could not help but notice the stunning display at the Awards table where the opulence of elaborate ribbons, trophies and a plethora of other lavish awards lined the table.

Lena won a First Level Championship aboard Knight's Gate Hanoverians' flagship stallion, Vive Victory KG. Capitalizing on her success, Lena also won the Second Level Championship mounted on Knight's Gate Hanoverians' owned Wanderlust KG. Both awards were Recognized at the Provincial level.

In addition to her Championships, Lena earned a very prestigious award, one that is rarely and protectively awarded by Dressage judges, known as "The Perfect 8". This is a "rider only" award in which a judge recognizes exemplory rider position (separately from scoring of the horse-rider union).

Let the celebrations begin! Lena was surrounded by a large table of supporters including her coach, Dressage Master, Walter Zettl and his wife, Heide, David and Leslie Bockus, KGH owners, and several of Lena's fellow riders at Knight's Gate Hanoverians. Some of the prizes awarded to Lena were a leather halter and inscribed fleece cooler for each Championship and a myriad of more personal prizes for the Perfect 8 Award, such as Bowring Serving plates, decortive dishes and an ornate Pier 1 Imports picture frame.

Congratulations to Lena, we are very proud to have her ride for Knight's Gate Hanoverians! A job very well done. Wishing her continued success in 2015!    

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Lena Helmts sweeps Dressage Championships in Niagara on KGH horses!

Posted Oct 13th, 2014 in News

CONGRATULATIONS to KGH rider, Lena Helmts, for winning TWO Awards this season riding Knight's Gate Hanoverians bred (and owned) horses! Lena won the Dressage Niagara Year End Award for First Level riding Vive Victory KG and the Dressage Niagara Year End Award for Second Level riding Wanderlust KG!! Way to go, Lena! Dressage Niagara is hosting an Awards Banquet on October 26th at 5:00pm (RSVP by October 20th; please see the Dressage Niagara Facebook page for details) for those who wish to attend to congratulate Lena and others!

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Discussion about Stallion Handling and Ownership

Discussion about Stallion Handling and Ownership

Posted Feb 21st, 2014 in News

"a stallion should not be socially isolated"

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